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Quran Karim

Quran Karim

Quran Karim

  • Do you want to learn Quran online? Learning the Quran via Skype or Zoom is an accessible service by the Arabic Window Center with Specialized Instructors in the Quranic Articulation points (Tajweed), memorization and Recitation to provide you an appropriate curriculum in learning the Quran to attain of the upmost of results in a short period of time.
  • The provision of Quranic Pass (Ijaza) of completion in Quranic Recitation or Memorization.
  • For with our Instructors of whom attained of the Quranic pass (Ijaza) you will be able to attain yourself of the Quranic Pass (Ijaza) through voice or video methods in a simplified manner.
  • Learn Quran with tajweed with us. For you will be able to recite the Quran and understand it by learning the Quranic Articulation points (Tajweed) whether through Theoretical methods or practical means.
  • The recitation and memorization of the Quran is among the best of righteous actions in Islam. With our learn Quran online courses, you can memorize Quran easily.
  • We are able to teach the Quranic recitation and the Quranic terminologies in a simplified manner.

Learn Quran Online from us by Joining our Quran online Classes

The student, through the Arabic Window Center, can study the Holy Quran properly whether he / she is at the level of beginner, intermediate or advanced, so he / she can be taught by a specialist Sheikh holding Ijaza. Therefore, the student can study reading through repetition and correction by the teacher and researching in books such as Al-Qae’da An-Noraneya or Nur Al-Bayan to strengthen his / her reading. Our well thought out syllabus makes online Quran teaching highly effective and result oriented.

Till the student reaches a satisfactory level after a short time; besides, the student can also study the rules of Quranic recitation theoretically with the practical application when he/she joins our Quran online classes. The student can also choose the memorization program in conjunction with instructor by reviewing what the student memorized in the past and teach the new part that wants to memorize easily

The student can choose from a group of books of Quranic recitation which appropriate to his / her level, such as the book of Fath Al-Rahman Fi Ta’leem Kalemat Al-Rahman or the pictured Quranic recitation book or the book of Al-Burhan or any other book that suits his / her level

Books we teach in Quran

  • Taysir Al-rahman Fi Tajweed Al-Quran: by Dr. Suad Abdul Hamid

This book is characterized by an interesting and enjoyable style and also it has many features like having many examples and the simple easy method that makes the student likes to study Tajweed and this book is distinguished from other books because it has a lot of explanations and examples in the places that need it and shorten in places that need to and give many questions without an answer to give the student the chance to think and practice. It is a simple and comprehensive book.

  • At-Tajweed Al-Musawwar: by Dr. Ayman Sweed

It is one of the most useful books in teaching Tajweed and it is characterized by its easy way with the presentation of information in educational boards. Also, it is one of the books that the student can be satisfied in the study of Tajweed. It is a detailed book of the rules and has many benefits that a student can be improved clearly after studying it. This book is preferred for intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Al-basit Fi Ilm At-Tajweed: by Sheikh Badr Hanafi

It is a simple book explains the rules in a simplified and clear way. This book is preferred for only beginners and middle level.

This book is characterized by a gradual explanation of the rules and in teaching Tajweed in a simplified manner without hardship through examples and training, and we always advise our students to study from it.

  • Tajweed Rules of The Quran: by Karima Carol Ekin:

It is an excellent book to explain the rules of Tajweed in English to suit the Muslims who speak English around the world.

It is also characterized by explaining the rules of Tajweed in a simple way with practicing through the examples of the Book of Allah.

The student can understand its method in an easy way.