Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language

Arabic Language

Arabic Language Classes Online for Beginners

  • Learning Arabic via Zoom in a simplified manner through Arabic Window Center where we provide schedules of which are appropriate to the various age groups of Men, Women and Children with Arab Egyptian Instructors and Specialists, to attain of the upmost of results and of which a sealed certificate is provided prior to the completion of each level of the student. Our Arabic lessons for beginners take care of individual needs in a responsible way.
  • Our Center will enable you to learn the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic), Commercial and Business Arabic, as we prepare you to work within Arab Countries or to deal with Arabs out of the Arab countries.
  • The Center will provide you with the capability of learning the Egyptian Colloquial language of which is undoubtedly known by any Arab country.
  • The Center offers you learning for Children, Women and Men with qualified Instructors 100% fluent in Classical Arabic Language
  • The Center provides as well a primary level study enabling you to reach an advanced level in the Arabic Language
  • The Center’s objective is for you to fluently speak the Arabic language, enabling you in the future to become a unique instructor if you wish.

Arabic Language Books

  • Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk book: is among the most vital of books in teaching the Arabic language for non-native speakers and is considered a basic book in such a field and has proven beneficial for students from all countries and various cultural backgrounds. For such a book is simple in its absolute method where it begins by teaching direct sentences and linguistic exercises and grammar in a professional and wonderful method, containing eight units, every unit is completed per level.
  • Al Madinah book: Among the most famous books in teaching the Arabic language for Non-Native speakers, a simplified and easy book in a divided method where it starts with a simplified word then simplified sentences then compound sentences with grammatical exercises through presented examples for intermediate and advanced levels comprising of three basic units in the language, grammar and a specialized book in essay and grammar only
  • Al-Kitab Al-asasi (Umm Al-Qura University): A book set for beginners in a wonderful manner and provides various levels of which are advanced and is among the best of books in teaching the Arabic language for Non-Native speakers, such a series is of simplicity and graduality in its levels and colored graphics of which support the student in understanding singularities and text in a simplified and fast method, it includes six units, every unit is per level.
  • Al-Arabiya Lil Nasheen Book: is among the easiest of books for youngsters of whom will to learn the Arabic language in an easy manner, direct and gradual, an accredited book of which we rely on in our fields, authored by a group of specialists in teaching the Arabic language for non-Native speakers, this series of work comprises of six units, every unit is per level.
  • Nour Al-Bayan book: A book specifically set for beginners in teaching the skill of reading, writing and speaking in a correct manner where it qualifies the student to advance from the beginner’s level to the advanced levels in reading, speaking and writing, making it an entry point of the other studies as specified.
  •  Kallimni Arabi: is among the books of which teach the Egyptian Colloquial language in a simplified and gradual manner from ease to difficulty and is unique in its beautiful way in presenting the conversations used by people in their daily lives.Where the Egyptian Colloquial language is spoken by more than 100 million Egyptians around the world in Egypt and elsewhere of which is understood by more than 300 million Arabs in various Arab countries, the book contains many singularities, popular public sentences of which is used by the people in the Egyptian accent from around the world and conversed of which in Arab media generally.
  •  The student may choose from the other books termed of which that it be in the field of the Arabic Language for Non-Native speakers. Our Arabic language course online offers a student-based approach to make the learning process fast and effective.


Grammatical Books (eloquence and grammar)

  • At our Arabic language classes online, the student is able to learn grammar in a simplified manner with practical application using a group of grammatical books of which is appropriate various levels, the student is then capable of choosing between the books specifically authored for non-Native speaking students of the Arabic language.
  • The student may choose the book desired as well as the grammatical book from the practical application and the olden Heritage

Grammatical science of word Meaning

Is the form of knowledge of which the study focuses on the last part of every word to define the meaning intended from every sentence in the Arabic language of which is provided in the books online.

  • The Book of Al-Nahw Al-Wadeh
  • The Book of Al-Nahw Al-Kafi
  • The Ijromeyah in the explanation of Al-Tuhfah Al-Suneyah
  • The Book of Sharh Alfeyat Bin Malek
  • The Book of Shuthoor Al-Thahab by Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari

Grammatical science of word Structure

Is the form of knowledge of which seeks the structure and formulation of the word, among such books of which we study are:

  • The Book of Al-Sarf Al-Kafi
  • The art of structural identification of the book Shatha al Orf
  • The Book of Al-Tatbeeq Al-Sarfi
  • The Book of Mukhtasar Al-Sarf
  • Or what the student requests from amongst the suitable books to his / her level


Divided into that which researches the major aspects of the language, from the books of clarification and meaning, we learn from:

The books of

  • Kitab Al-Balagha Al-Wadeha
  • Al-Idah Fi Eloum Al-Balagha
  • or what the student finds suitable