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About us

        • Our loftiest objective is to teach the students the Arabic language directly and simply, and the teaching of the Quran and the explanation of its meanings and the teaching of the Islamic studies in a simplified manner with specialized instructors of whom attained of certificates and licenses in such sciences.
        • Our objective is not for you to be continue being a student yet we prepare you to become an instructor in the future in an advanced level of knowledge if desired.
        • We are a specialized Center in teaching the Arabic language, the Quran and the Islamic studies through direct courses using Skype, Zoom or Smart Board to serve students throughout the World.
        • These Courses present via Skype or Zoom and allows the student to connect with the instructor through video conference and every student may choose to learn privately or with a group.
        • The Headquarters of the Center is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt and that the instructors are a group of specialized teachers graduated from Egyptian Universities.
        • ┬áThe Center provides its services with low prices as desired to ease the learning process of the Arabic Language, the Islamic studies and the Quranic Sciences.
        • The response to your messages will be within 24 hours.